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Code of Ethics + Disclaimer

1. The purpose of my tarot readings is to deliver actionable advice that can be used for planning and goal-setting. I don’t believe that the future is set in stone, just that some things are more difficult to change than others. More information on how I believe tarot works in this post.

2. I work around my own strengths and topics that I have expertise in. I will try my best to read on other topics, but will always be transparent on how much I know about a given topic. (For instance, specialising in communication, relationship, and career readings.)

3. I’ll communicate what I see in readings to the best of my abilities. I aim to deliver readings with complete clarity and honesty.

4. Everything revealed during a reading will remain confidential, unless the situation is life-threatening in any way.

5. I will not read for third parties unless they are able to be present (briefly or for the duration of the reading) and provide their consent.

6. If you purchase a reading from me, you agree that you are of age (18+) or have parental consent. Parental consent must be provided in the form of written permission, video, or phone consent before the reading takes place.

7. I will not disclose medical/financial/legal advice in readings and will always defer to qualified professionals.

8. I reserve the right to refuse requests that go against my code of ethics or that I’m not qualified to read on. You’ll be provided with a refund if you’ve been charged.

9. Most importantly, there is no judgment in this space we create! I welcome you as a guest and am here to serve you, regardless of background, race, sexual orientation, gender, culture, religion, or spiritual path.

Liability Disclaimer

Tarot readings (both free and purchased) are for entertainment and informational purposes only.

While I aim for accuracy and complete answers in my readings, they should never replace advice from qualified professionals (and I’ll never provide advice on certain topics, including legal/financial/medical matters).

I don’t offer crisis counselling or any similar services, and if you’re in any immediate danger due to yourself or others, you should contact the appropriate emergency response service. (United States: 911, United Kingdom: 999, Australia: 000, New Zealand: 111)

I cannot guarantee the accuracy of readings. Find more information in my post on How Tarot Works.

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