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Unlock the secrets of your past, shed light on your present, and chart a course towards your future with personalised readings.

Lauren Connally

Tarot Reader & Astrologer

Modern divination isn’t all fortune-telling and guessing what your future might hold.

Tarot and astrology are powerful tools that allow you to lay the foundations and  shape the future you want.

Learn how you can get valuable, actionable advice and better connect with your inner guidance.


Empowering clients by helping them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and recognise their unique strengths, challenges, and opportunities through introspection.


Aspiring to create an environment where people work with the natural cycles, live with greater authenticity, meaning, and joy, and find enchantment in their everyday lives.


The Diviner’s Circle

The Diviner’s Circle is a community that helps diviners connect and grow their personal practices and businesses. It’s part of a wider community for earth-based spirituality and magical practices.



Natal Chart Reading (New Clients)

These are guided readings designed to get to know you and cover the foundations of your chart. You’ll get access to discounts on specialised readings that you book in the future!



Solar Returns

Solar return charts mark the point at which the transiting sun returns to the exact degree of your natal sun, uncovering the themes of your personal year ahead.

I also offer a combo reading that includes annual profections, a predictive technique that can help you plan your year ahead, month by month.




From the Blog

My blog is full of resources that talk more about how my readings work, what to expect, and what to do after our readings.

You’ll also find coverage of astrological transits and resources to help you build a daily divination practice! 



Vocational Exploration

Feeling stuck on where to go next? Tarot is a great tool to help you explore different paths before you take them.

Vocational exploration gives you the tools to find purpose and alignment in your current or future work.


Tarot + Astrology

Community Readings

I’m relaunching my community readings in a more flexible podcast format.

You’ll still get a summarised version via email, so keep an eye on your inbox!


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